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Uploading a dataset into CKAN is pretty simple. Watch the screencast or read our short tutorial.


First log in into your CKAN portal. Go to Datasets and click on Add Dataset.

  • Enter a descriptive title such as “Fire stations”. You will see that an URL is automatically created. Then enter a description. E.g. “Data shows names and locations (address, postcode, Easting and Northing) of fire stations within Glasgow City Council.
  • Add some tags. In our case maybe fire brigade, fire services, fire stations. Tags are comma separated.
  • Choose the applicable license.
  • You also should check the visibility of your dataset. Choose “public” if you want to make the dataset publicly available.
  • Finally provide a source URL from where you retrieved the data.

Then click on Next: Add Data.

  • On the second page you can choose to either upload a file from your computer or provide a link to an external resource.
  • Enter a title and description for the resource.
  • You don’t have to choose a file format. The format will be guessed automatically.

Finally, click Finish. That’s it.