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CKAN uses organisations to represent different sources of data (such as several ministries or departments) within one data portal. Organisations are also part of CKAN’s authorization system. Different user rights can be assigned to different organisations.

Creating a new organisation in CKAN is simple. Watch the screencast or read our short tutorial.


First log in into your CKAN portal. Go to “Organisations” and click on Add Organisation.

  • Enter a name such as “Ministry of Silly Walks”. You will see that an URL is automatically created. Then enter a description. E.g. “Ministry lead by John Cleese.
  • You can choose an image representing the organisation. Either upload a file from your computer or provide a link to an external resource.
  • Then click on Create Organisation.
  • Now click on Organisations again. You will see that your organisation has been added.

Finally, click Finish. That’s it.