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Proven technology

CKAN Cloud powered by CKAN — the world's leading open data platform. CKAN is the choice of the official national portals of the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Germany, Canada, Australia and numerous other international, national, regional, and local governments and institutions (see complete list at Started in 2007, CKAN has become a mature, well-used and well-tested technology and the de facto standard solution for data publishing.

No geeks required

CKAN Cloud is a fully managed service. We take care of all the technology and hosting so you can focus on getting your data published rather than battling with IT. Your website is in safe hands, hosted on a resilient and scalable platform. Your open data portal will always run the latest version of CKAN and get regular security updates.

A safe home for your open data

CKAN has been developed according to best practices for building secure web applications. It is used by multiple governments around the world and has been subject to penetration testing as part of these deployments. All our solutions use SSL to ensure that user logins are encrypted and website use cannot be intercepted.

Plays well with others

CKAN provides a rich API to your data catalogue. This means that data published on your website can be automatically harvested into other catalogues, and vice versa. This massively broadens the reach of your data publishing.

Publish any type of data with visualisations of common type

You can publish your data in any format and it will be available for users to download. For common formats like CSV and Excel your users can preview and graph the data online before they download it.

No lock-in

CKAN Cloud is built based on open source software code. This means that - unlike proprietary solutions - you can move your data to your own hosting or another provider at any time. Should you wish to migrate, we will provide an export of all your data.

Encourage data reuse

CKAN provides a data API to your tabular data sets, which allows developers to search through and query the data, combine similar data or build applications directly off the DataStore.

Support for your workflow

CKAN allows you to create organisations within your site and state which users can publish for each organisation. This allows you to decentralise publishing to staff within these organisations.